Top 10 Reasons to Switch to ERP Cloud Hosting in 2023

Top 10 Reasons to Switch to ERP Cloud Hosting in 2023

ERP Cloud Hosting Lets You Keep Your ERP While Enjoying Cloud Benefits

Tired of being told you need to migrate to a costly ERP to support remote work?

We hear you. Honestly, for most small to midsized businesses (SMBs), migration is simply not a feasible option just yet. It requires a lot of money and time from an already-strained workforce. Plus, you already paid for a perfectly good ERP – why not use that?

Discover why you should keep your current ERP but switch to ERP cloud hosting this year.

10 Reasons to Switch to ERP Cloud Hosting in 2023

Secure cloud hosting is a way to move your ERP’s full storage and workspace needs to external servers, such as to the data center of provider like Secure Cloud Services.

One of the biggest benefits that cloud hosting offers to a busy workforce is that it does not disrupt your business the way a full cloud migration would, yet it still provides the top 10 cloud benefits modern companies are looking for:

  1. Remote access

Cloud hosting for your on-premises ERP delivers the speed and flexibility your workers need, even when they are at home or on the go. Better performance, from anywhere, helps your employees check more tasks off their to-do lists in less time.

  1. Predictable budget

You may find it hard to believe, but you can get great IT equipment and services within a fixed monthly fee. With SCS, you can say goodbye to IT equipment CapEx allocations and upgrade to state-of-the-art cybersecurity, all with predictable costs.

  1. Saves on indirect costs

Predictable budgeting is just the beginning. Imagine if you no longer had to pay for the electricity it takes to run your on-prem servers around the clock. Imagine if you no longer had to pay for cooling your servers. Imagine if… you get the idea. Cloud hosting makes all this a reality.

  1. State-of-the-art cybersecurity

Good cloud hosting providers will deliver enterprise-grade cybersecurity services featuring the latest advancements and a 24x7x365 team watching out for you. Best of all? It will all be included in your monthly hosting costs.

  1. Refocuses IT department on what matters

Cloud hosting moves tricky ERP management tasks into your hosting provider’s hands. This frees up your IT team to focus on growing your business – instead of on fiddling with your ERP environment.

  1. Reduced risk of data loss

Your cloud host should include business continuity services for your mission-critical ERP data. These provide tested backups, along with restore capabilities that can “rewind” your environment to effectively erase a system disaster or hacking attack.

  1. Scales with you

Unexpected growth is easy to handle with ERP cloud hosting because it empowers you to flexibly increase your storage or performance needs quickly and easily. All it takes to upgrade is a call to your provider – they take of all the IT tasks from there.

  1. Improved collaboration

True productivity knows no boundaries, so your ERP environment should not have boundaries either. Cloud-hosted ERPs deliver ease of access for employees across multiple locations to work on the same software or document seamlessly.

  1. Reliability

A good hosting provider will guarantee incredible uptime for your ERP even though they are also handling timely updates, patches, and other required maintenance activity. In-house, these updates would probably require your ERP to be offline.

  1. SCS’s expertise in building cloud ERP environments

Very few cloud providers know what is required to keep your Sage ERP at top performance. When you work with SCS specifically, you will have longtime Sage experts perfectly tuning your cloud setup for your ERP.

Will You Be Prepared for the Possibilities in 2023?

The constant upheaval in the 2020s and its related pivot to remote work has created a serious barrier to business productivity. Or, rather, it has for most SMBs – maybe even yours.

If the economists are right about the looming recession, this productivity problem could be a grim competitive obstacle for SMBs like yours in the coming year. It is important that you start exploring your options now, so you are ready when you need to be.

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