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Cloud Security Awareness Training Services

Empower Employees to Protect Themselves From Security Threats

Did you know…91% of successful data breaches start with a phishing attack? Security awareness training empowers employees - and employers - to better spot the red flags of a socially engineered email, webpage, SMS text or any of the many other channels hackers use to gain access to your credentials.


Choosing to train your employees is the best defense against today’s sophisticated phishing and ransomware attacks. More than ever, users are one of the top weak links in an organization’s network security - and hackers know it. That is why cybercriminals consistently target individuals with sophisticated social engineering and malware delivery campaigns. Employees need to be trained and remain on their toes with cybersecurity top of mind. If nothing is done, your employees will still continue to be targeted by bad actors, and eventually someone will be successfully manipulated into handing over the keys to your network.


It is easy to maintain the view that a hacker is just a person hiding in a dark room behind a computer screen, causing mischief on their own; however, that is far from the current case. Cybercrime today is a complex network of experienced criminals, cyber espionage professionals and amateurs looking to take what they want (money, data or control) the easiest way they can get it - which is often by tricking someone into giving up access without them knowing, leaving victims in the dark until it is too late. If employees are routinely trained on the warning signs of suspicious behavior - online and onsite - they will be ready to much more quickly notice and report any suspected intrusions.

How Will Secure Cloud Services Security Training Help You?

Secure Cloud Services will ensure that a team of any size can have the knowledge and experience they need to fight back against hackers. Security awareness training must be a critical component in your organization's cybersecurity strategy, especially when your applications and data are hosted in the cloud. However, small teams often lack the resources needed to develop an efficient and cost-effective training program without additional support.
SCS offers you access to the world’s most popular integrated platform for cybersecurity awareness training. What's more, we combine our training programs with simulated phishing attacks so that your employees can experience real-world examples firsthand, allowing you to better understand your current level of preparedness. Knowledge is often the most important key to ensuring security, protecting your business from unwanted breaches and attacks at the foundational level.

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