Advanced Endpoint Protection Services

Advanced Endpoint Protection Services

Threat Monitoring and Remediation Services

The past year has seen an unprecedented increase in remote workers - and the need for endpoint monitoring solutions has never been more important. End points include personal computers, workstations, servers, smartphones, tablets, and even IoT devices. All of these devices are targets for cyber criminals, who develop increasingly more sophisticated techniques to gain access to them.


With advanced end point protection services, your organization can proactively monitor these devices, not only for attempted intrusions, but also to detect behavioral changes. With each device connected to your system there is an additional point of attack for cyber criminals to exploit, making the need for advanced endpoint monitoring paramount.

How Can Secure Cloud Services Advanced Endpoint Protection Services Help Your Business?

Secure Cloud Services has a Security Operations Center (SOC) that provides 24×7 monitoring and alerting. When they encounter a critical alert, the SOC takes action to isolate and remediate the threat. Using endpoint protection technology, the SOC can identify and confirm malicious attacks in progress, and when discovered, activate remediation procedures including scrubbing the system of any remnants of the attack such as processes or registry keys created. In more extreme cases such as ransomware, the SOC will roll back the system to restore access to the system and data.

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