Multi-Factor Authentication Solutions

Multi-Factor Authentication Solutions

An Added Layer of Account Protection for Devices and Services

Hackers and scammers are lurking around every corner of the internet. To protect your business, you need the confidence that your employees are securely logging into their devices and accounts.


Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) offers the easiest solution to this challenge. It also provides the peace of mind that a cybercriminal can't access your devices or systems with just a compromised login and password.

How Can Secure Cloud Services Multi-Factor Authentication Solutions Help Your Business?

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) requires multiple steps to access an account. When you add MFA solutions to your cybersecurity arsenal, you gain an additional layer of security for your devices and systems. Think of MFA as one door with two separate locks and each lock requires a different key. To open the door, you need both keys.
Multi-factor authentication solutions send PIN codes via SMS message to an employee's mobile device, or the employee uses an authenticator app on their mobile device to get their randomly generated PIN. This means when a cybercriminal obtains compromised login credentials for an employee, they still lack the credentials (the second key) to "unlock the door" and access the account.

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