Multi-Factor Authentication Solutions

Multi-Factor Authentication in the Cloud

Add a Layer of Cybersecurity for Hosted Devices and Services

Cybercrime has been growing and evolving at an exponential rate, and your applications hosted in the cloud are at risk. Hackers and scammers are lurking around every corner of the Internet, ready to gain access to your data by any means necessary. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) offers the easiest solution to this challenge by providing an extra layer of cybersecurity that could make the difference between a successful and a failed breach.


To protect your business from all manner of cyber threats, you need the confidence that your employees are securely logging into their devices and accounts, especially when you have applications and data hosted in the cloud. Without this confidence, you might as well be constantly worrying that your company might be compromised from any number of exposed endpoints. After the pandemic, thousands of new devices have been connected from home due to COVID-19, and cybercriminals have never had an easier time making their way into your network. Your company needs a stronger cyber defense to maintain security, which will keep you one step ahead of bad actors. Cybercriminals have a litany of methods at their disposal to both gain entry to your network and exploit their access once they are in. They can easily use a phishing scam to obtain a company password, and then encrypt your companies’ data and ask for a certain amount of money to release it. Hackers seeking to sabotage or extort can also use a Denial-of-Service attack (DoS) to flood your network and make it basically unusable. With all of these tools in their arsenal, you need an effective way to protect your data and other mission-critical IT assets, whether hosted on-premise or in the cloud.

MFA provides the peace of mind that a bad actor cannot access your devices or systems with just a compromised login and password. Some of the largest cyber attacks in recent memory could have been prevented with multi-factor authentication. In one landmark case, a network was breached after a hacker obtained a company password and used it on an inactive (but not yet deleted) account. If there was one extra layer of defense there may have been no attack and the company would have saved over $5 million in ransom, not to mention the indefinable amount they lost by having operations cease for an extended period of time.

MFA Provided by Secure Cloud Services Protects Your Business?

MFA generates multiple steps to access an account to ensure the login is authorized. When you add authentication solutions to your cybersecurity arsenal, you gain an additional layer of security for your devices and systems. Think of multi-factor authentication as one door with two separate locks and each lock requires a different key. To open the door, you need both keys. Even with a stolen password, hackers and cyber criminals will not be able to breach your network and access your data. Most cyber-attacks are successful due to the human element and by adding an extra step to logging in, hackers will need more than just a password to obtain access to your network.

Multi-factor authentication solutions send PIN codes via SMS message to an employee's mobile device, or the employee uses an authenticator app on their mobile device to get their randomly generated PIN. Some MFA mobile apps simply have a prompt to push a single button, and then you get access to your account. This means when a cybercriminal obtains compromised login credentials for an employee, they still lack the credentials (the second key) to "unlock the door" and access the account. It is significantly harder for hackers to obtain the ‘second key’ which gives you the comfort and security that your data will be safe.

Multi-factor authentication adds one second of inconvenience to the employee, yet an undefinable amount of value to the company as it protects your network from breaches. This extra step can save your company thousands of dollars, by preventing an attack that would halt operations and potentially be used for ransom. After all this, MFA seems like a no-brainer; a simple extra step that can provide limitless value to your business.


Multi-factor authentication may seem like an added second of inconvenience, yet it offers to protect an undefinable amount of value to the company by defending your network from breaches. This extra step can save your company thousands to millions of dollars by preventing an attack that would halt operations and potentially be used for ransom. MFA is a simple, but necessary extra step that can ensure your business’s survival and maximize your ROI on your IT ecosystem.

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