Cloud Hosting and IaaS Are Great Solutions to Budget IT Costs Easily

Cloud Hosting and IaaS Are Great Solutions to Budget IT Costs Easily

This year is shaping up to be yet another uncertain one. That means your business needs to stay ahead of inflation, accurately predict cash flow, reduce capital expenditures, and maximize IT spend. If you budget IT costs effectively, you can achieve all these goals at once.

One great way to reduce your IT spend is to switch to cloud hosting or IaaS.

Not sure what the difference is between cloud hosting and IaaS? Find out.

Tackle Total Cost of Ownership by Switching to Cloud Hosting or IaaS

When you store and manage your IT equipment on premises, IT costs add up quickly. This results in a high Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Every few years, you must purchase servers, manage related licensing and warranties, purchase and deploy security solutions, adjust backup and disaster recovery scenarios, and re-invest in remote access functionality for your on-the-go staff.

Not only does all this on-premises IT management require you to set aside a hefty CapEx budget, it can also result in additional surprise expenditures when equipment fails. What a headache.

By switching to cloud hosting or IaaS, you can transform your IT budget into a predictable monthly operating expense that includes state-of-the-art cybersecurity, proactive IT maintenance, business continuity, and cloud storage flexibility.

Best of all, you can free up your CapEx IT budget for more strategic uses and eliminate those “surprise” IT expenditures. Using cloud hosting or IaaS means you no longer have to purchase new, on-prem equipment every few years.

5 Additional Ways to Budget IT with Cloud Hosting or IaaS

Lowering the TCO is only one of many benefits you will get when you switch your on-premises IT to cloud hosting o rIaaS. In addition, you will also experience:

  • A predictable way to budget IT

When you budget IT costs, the numbers can feel like they are fighting you. IT expenses have an unpleasant habit of popping up at the worst times and setting aside large CapEx allocations for expected IT investments will tie up cash when you need it most.

To best navigate an economically uncertain environment, it is a smart choice to turn to SCS’s cloud hosting or IaaS, which offer a predictable monthly operating expense.

  • Flexible scalability up or down

If this year is anything like the last few years, your company may experience sudden growth, sudden contraction, or a rollercoaster of one following the other. In other words: Anything can happen.

On-premises IT equipment locks you into your predictions for the year, whereas cloud hosting or IaaS empower you to scale your IT capabilities up or down as needed.

  • Maximized IT team value

In a tight labor market, IT personnel costs can be some of the highest employee expenses on the books. It makes sense to leverage your IT team’s unique knowledge of your business needs by focusing them on strategic, revenue-driving tasks this year.

Fortunately, cloud hosting or IaaS both help you accomplish that goal because they take time-consuming, rote IT management tasks off your internal IT experts’ plates. Imagine what your IT team can do if they do not have to spend their time on upgrades and patches.

  • Built-in cybersecuritycybersecurity

When you manage IT on premises, your IT team is forced to spend a lot of time putting out fires to avoid endlessly evolving cybersecurity hazards. Ask any member of your IT team where their time goes, and they will definitely mention their cybersecurity catch-up work.

SCS’s cloud hosting and IaaS include state-of-the-art cybersecurity services managed by our globally renowned 24x7x365 security team housed in our intelligent Security Operations Center (SmartSOC). Their job is to give your IT team — and your company — the peace of mind you deserve.  

  • Indirect cost savings

We all know that on-premises server rooms take more than just IT equipment investments. They also require costly climate control, office square footage, electrical maintenance solutions, and other indirect expenses. These add up.

Transferring to cloud hosting or IaaS can reduce or fully eliminate your server room’s footprint. It will also give your company flexibility to save on a wide variety of indirect costs.

Discover How to Lower Your IT Budget: Talk to the Experts

Wondering how you can better budget IT costs, starting this year? First, you need to understand how your company will save with a switch to cloud hosting or IaaS.

As soon as you are ready to get more information, please contact the IT experts at SCS to discuss your options and evaluate potential cost savings for your company this year.

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