Cloud Backup and Continuity

From cyber threats like Ransomware to natural disasters SCS can prevent data loss and keep your business running. SCS Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions to give you peace of mind and prevent costly downtime.

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Cloud Backup and Continuity

Disaster Recovery is Key to Business Survival

Business Continuity and backup solutions from Secure Cloud Services ensures that your data – and your business – remains whole. It is becoming more and more evident that only backing up your data is not enough to protect your business against network downtime. Studies have shown that up to 43 percent of companies experiencing a major data loss could not recover, 51 percent collapsed within two years, and only 6 percent were able to survive a breach or other catastrophe that compromised their critical systems.


Your organization requires a modern business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solution to prevent data loss and defend against cyber threats like ransomware, phishing, and network breaches. There is no need for delicate tapes, drives, or manual effort with the solution provided by SCS as it delivers an automated, worry-free process. BCDR for your hosted environment offers you the peace of mind that your data is safe and accessible, regardless of natural disasters.


Should any of your servers fail our secure offsite backups will be able to restore any damaged or lost data. This can save you from lost profits that come with server downtime - estimates put the cost at $5600 drained each minute - and allows you to focus on getting your servers back up and running. Cloud Backup and Business Continuity can save your company from experiencing devastating losses with redundant storage and fail safes.


Data loss can occur from natural disasters, such as floods, fires, tornadoes and many others. However, they are not the only threats BCDR can protect you from. Working from home as a result of the pandemic also increased the risk of data being overwritten or even deleted when moving across devices, as well as phishing attacks on unsuspecting employees. Secure Cloud Services can load data from offsite storage so you can rest easy about your data. Now that’s business continuity!

In the past, Disaster Recovery was expensive, time consuming, and non-intuitive. With modern hybrid and cloud-based BCDR, these negatives are all addressed and cease being an issue, so there is almost no reason not to take advantage of Cloud Backup and Business Continuity.

What Exactly is Business Continuity?

Watch this quick video to learn more out business continuity, what it means to your business, and why you should care.

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