Is it a Hardware or Software Problem? One Solution to Both

Is it a Hardware or Software Problem? One Solution to Both

Are you tired of asking if it is a hardware or software problem that is affecting your system, forcing you to play telephone tag with multiple vendors passing the buck? Adopt one solution through a single technology partner and have your servers, software, network and cybersecurity managed through one point of contact. Secure Cloud Hosting gives you all the options for deploying your mission-critical applications without the hassle of working with different providers of various quality.

SWK, parent company to Secure Cloud Services, is a longtime reseller and consultant for SMB and midmarket software, managed IT and cloud solutions and services, and leveraging this combined expertise lets us seamlessly handle your entire technology stack. Whether you want to migrate completely to a cloud-hosted environment or keep your on-premise infrastructure for a hybrid deployment, we will help you move to a modern implementation instance at the pace of your choosing. Whether the issue lies with your physical equipment or digital applications, we will be there for all of your technology needs.

Here are a few reasons to stop asking if it is a hardware or software problem and choose one solution for both needs:

One Vendor Hand to Shake (or Throat to Choke)

The one vendor concept is not necessarily new, or unique to the technology industry - many markets are broken up between multiple partners fulfilling specific roles within their value and supply chains. In the US especially, sectors like manufacturing and distribution are filled with many unique suppliers, though this system can create a lot of communication lag when issues of accountability pop up. That is why many will look for “one hand to shake” for their technology support, or to use an older and more cynical term, “one throat to choke.”

The latter phrase reflects many more unfortunate implications beyond just the visual, as it implies that the only added benefit is having one target to blame when things inevitably go wrong. Having a reliable vendor is important whether you have one or 100, but trust is vital when it is your business’s mission-critical applications on the line. SWK is dedicated to being the rock of support for our customers’ entire technology stack, from accounting and industry-specific software to IT and network upkeep, and hosting your infrastructure with us ensures we can address every single concern quickly and seamlessly.

The Danger of Software, Cybersecurity and IT Silos

Siloed business units are a bigger threat that many companies admit, but disconnected technology and a lack of cohesion between operational and network resources greatly impacts performance and security. The loss of visibility into your software and IT workflows will significantly affect strategy and potentially leave you open to cybersecurity risks through unmonitored endpoints. Modern networked application stacks require all of these segments to work in tandem, and no contemporary deployment exists in a vacuum - what happens in one department can affect the entire system.

Data security, IT support and business software management are all interchangeable demands that determine the viability of your technology stack. Maintaining functionality goes hand in hand with delivering visibility into siloed processes within separate units, allowing network and software support resources to isolate and address issues more quickly. Capturing and sustaining this level of connected insight will help you mitigate downtime from errors and upgrades, and help you better align business and IT objectives.

Technology Demands of the Digital Age and New Normal

Digital transformation of traditional business processes was a huge driver of change before 2020, and became a vital factor in allowing successful working from home during COVID-19. Manufacturing has become increasingly data-dependent, distribution and retail are beholden to ecommerce channels, and service delivery has been peppered by electronic tools. All of this technology cannot run without software, and the cloud has provided the means to host many or all of these resources remotely and consolidate hardware touchpoints.

Speed to market paces have greatly increased in recent years, and have been directly aided by hybrid deployments. The more your business lags behind in leveraging this technology, the bigger the distance with your competitors will grow as they increasingly migrate to faster cloud-hosted infrastructure. As the world becomes ever more digital, your strategy and processes must be able to keep up with the technological demands or your business will be left behind.

The Case for Cloud Software Migration from Onsite Servers

On-premise servers are costly pieces of equipment that legacy systems cannot run without, which for a long time meant that neither could your business. However, the cloud created many opportunities to divorce from this mode through resources delivered by offsite datacenters. This completely removes the burden from you for buying, maintaining, upgrading and replacing these machines and all the financial and operational pain points doing so brings.

Software and network infrastructure resources provided as service grant several benefits over traditional IT deployments in addition to just cost. Part of the reason onsite servers can become such an inflated capital expense is their limitations - lifespan, storage, capacity, speed and more contribute both to progressively growing fees and decreases in performance over time. Hosted applications bring nearly limitless scalability, and with one provider managing your cloud servers, your environment will be kept optimized to your needs.

The Need for Managed IT and Security Service in the Cloud

Even if you have migrated some of all of your systems to SaaS or hybrid deployments, you cannot run these without some sort of IT and security support. Managing these functions in-house can be expensive and lack the ability to scale as your business grows, so you will need to outsource. Maintaining these critical functions with a single vendor will ensure that comprehensive visibility can be captured in real-time and that you will receive proactive endpoint monitoring.

Cloud connectivity operates at the speed of instant, but unfortunately the same functionality that allows simultaneous data access can be abused if login credentials are leaked. While native permissions help provide a layer of defense, human error creates ways for this to be bypassed and exploited. SWK’s Secure Cloud Hosting features built-in cybersecurity armed with a fully staffed Smart SOC (security operations center) that proactively seeks out hacker footprints and guarantees 24x7 protection for your cloud-hosted environment.

The Best ROI on Digital Transformation is Through Consolidation

The benefits of the cloud have been known for quite some time, yet its true monetary value return still remains out of reach for many. Digital transformation has upended whole subsectors, while others maintain the same legacy systems to keep trying to get their investment’s worth back. At times, even the application market itself has moved at a staggered pace with different publishers propelling forward in individual features while sorely lacking in other critical areas, like cybersecurity.

Secure Cloud Services, along with SWK Technologies will ensure that your business does not suffer due to an uneven technology stack by helping you develop, manage and protect each solution. SWK’s consultants and engineers have experience working with a wide range of software, including QuickBooks, Sage 100, Sage X3, Acumatica and more, and have provided IT and hosting support for various industry-specific products. With SWK as your sole partner for your technology investment, you will capture best possible ROI on the digital transformation of your business.

Stop Asking if it’s a Hardware or Software Problem - One Solution

Software and IT are well past the days of looking for “one throat to choke” from vendors as mission-critical application support requires a deeper level of trust - and competence - from your technology partner. SWK has developed a solution that cuts through the fear of unreliability and hosts your system and network resources in a reliable, secure cloud environment.

Contact us here to discover more benefits to hosting your technology stack in the cloud, and how you remove all confusion on software and hardware concerns.

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