Cloud Predictions for 2019 and Beyond

Cloud Predictions for 2019 and Beyond

In Secure Cloud Services 10+ years of serving customers, we’ve been on the front line for more than a few technological advances. After years witnessing trends come and go, our team looks ahead to share our 2019 tech predictions. The future starts today— and 2019 is shaping up to be another incredible year of changes for the IT industry, with much of it tied to the events of 2018.


Prediction 1: Hybrid and Multi-Cloud are the New Normal for Enterprise IT

Hybrid technologies have started emerging in 2019 to help meet the demand of hybrid adoption taking place. AWS has already introduced its AWS Outposts product in their first effort to create a true hybrid platform. We expect this trend to continue.

Prediction 2: Public Cloud Exits Will Become More Prevalent

As businesses continue to face unpredictable and escalating costs, along with mounting security concerns in public cloud, the move to hybrid, custom, and multi- cloud will become more and more prevalent.

Prediction 3: More Businesses Feeling Public Cloud Pains In Their Pocket Books

Previously, organizations would turn to the public cloud, however that was not the complete solution. Hybrid and multi-cloud will come to the rescue in 2019 to solve some of the cost overruns from public cloud services.

Prediction 4: Containers Gaining Traction from Early Adopters to Enterprise

The capabilities and consistency delivered by containerized cloud applications that simultaneously simplify and eliminate the complexities of infrastructure are too hard for organizations to ignore.

With the benefits becoming better known (faster push, no downtime, scaling capabilities, automation, and easier migration) enterprise companies are now starting to move to containers.

Prediction 5: Expect Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Everything

AI automation and intelligent assistants have become part of everyday life for many of us. However, there are greater applications coming.

Security is a great example of this. For one of our customers, Secure Cloud Services provides AI-based security protection around the clock, preventing and detecting anomalous behavior and intrusion attempts. In the last year alone, the benchmark found and protected against 3 billion attempts. Protecting against zero-day threats at scale would be impossible to do without the baked-in intelligence that AI provides.

Prediction 6: The CIO Makes a Comeback

Lasting two, maybe four years, 2 the typical CIO faces a series of challenges that begin with mitigating risk, reducing costs, and ultimately, enabling business agility. The problem is that two or three years is not enough time for a CIO to fully engage in the third phase of increasing business agility.

Strategic partnerships, improved tools, and the advantage of outsourcing will change that CIO survival rate. With cost reduction and strategic technology in the hands of expert partners, organizations can get to the transformation phase of their cloud journeys. Executed early, CIOs can expect a longer lifespan and more satisfying achievements.

Prediction 7: A True Blockchain Market

Discussed by enthusiasts for a while now, 2019 will be the year that we begin to see true contractual applications based on blockchain become commonplace in the cloud.


Cloud technology is creating a new future as we speak, along with expert partners, leaders across organizations, and the amazing ecosystem of cloud solutions. We can safely say that despite the unexpected, 2019 will be an amazing year of success and fulfilled transformational opportunities—all enabled by the cloud.

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  • Jon Stiles