Tired of Summit Hosting Outages?

Tired of Summit Hosting Outages?

It seems like every day there’s an Outage Alert from Summit Hosting (see below for a sample list).

At the heart of Secure Cloud Services, Inc. is a commitment to protecting your hosted software and ensuring you have access to your data at all times. Don’t let network downtime keep you from serving your customers - you deserve better, and so do they.

At SCS, we have a 99.999% uptime record! We have the only cloud hosting service in its market protected by a Security Operations Center (SOC), the highest possible level of cybersecurity available today. We have managed offsite data backup and managed disaster recovery to ensure our customer’s business continuity.

We also have extensive experience hosting software applications in a secure cloud environment. Our list of supported solutions includes QuickBooks, Sage 100 and Sage 100cloud, Sage 500, Sage X3, Acumatica, Epicor, Infor CRM, the Microsoft Office suite, and many other software products. Secure Cloud Services ensures your critical IT resources are delivering the value you need, not holding your business back.

Contact us to discuss how you can get better cloud hosting performance for yourself and your customers.

Sampling of 2020 Summit Hosting Outage Alerts*

*So far…

  • 2/6 -- "Major Outage: Outage for Summit Hosting US Environment"
  • 1/23 – “Major Outage: The status has been changed from Operational to Major Outage...”
  • 1/21 -- “Degraded Performance: Overnight, our Engineering teams have returned stable service to most accounts. There may be some users that experience loss of connectivity or sluggish performance...”
  • 1/18 – “Scheduled Maintenance: Maintenance is continuing on the servers that were affected this week. The work is taking longer than expected.”
  • 1/18 – “Under Maintenance: The status has been changed from Operational to Under Maintenance.”
  • 1/15 – “Outage Update: Presently, between 95-98% of servers affected by this week's outage have been brought out of their paused state and are now accepting logins from end-users... Overall server performance may be degraded as users log back in for the first time…”
  • 1/14 – “Outage Update: …We anticipate this issue to be fully resolved overnight tonight, but please refrain from logging into your server until you are notified from our Support team within any open tickets you may currently have.”
  • 1/14 – “Outage Update: …there is still no current ETA that can be presented for full resolution. Members of our team are working to slowly bring client servers back from a paused state...”
  • 1/14 – “Outage Update: As stated in previous updates, the verification/rebuild process of the new hardware has taken much longer than originally anticipated and is still currently in progress … there is still no current ETA that can be presented for full resolution.”
  • 1/13 – “Degraded Server Performance: Our Engineering team has identified the root cause of degraded server performance and is currently working towards a resolution. For users who are currently unable to log into their server, your sessions may have been ended during the troubleshooting process.”
  • 1/13 – “Degraded Server Performance: The Engineering team at Summit Hosting has been made aware of issues regarding slow server performance for some users within the Summit US environment.”
  • 1/13 – “Partial Outage: At this time our engineering team continues to work within our Data Center to replace the failed hardware and restore full service for end-users within the Summit US environment...”

Additionally, Summit Hosting previously experienced another dozen outage alerts back in December of last year. What a way to end the year.

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  • Jon Stiles